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Yeehaw! Cole Gets the Cowboy Experience at Cowboy Camp

Cole wish gave him the strength to cope with his illness. <em>Photo credit: Jeff Shewmon</em> Photo: Jeff Shewmon

“ This was a way for Cole to cope with his illness. ”

- Mike, Cole's father

Adopt-A-Wish® Sponsor: Dance Unlimited

Many parents learn about Make-A-Wish® through the medical professionals treating their ailing children, but three-year-old Cole's parents supported our cause in their community long before they knew their youngest child would eventually become a wish recipient.

Ten years ago, before coming to Simi Valley from the Midwest, Ginia and Mike volunteered as wish granters. Ginia also served on the Board of Directors of the Iowa chapter. Ginia said, "It is interesting to be on the other end of the process this time."

When Cole was only three days old, he was diagnosed with Hirschprung’s disease. While in the hospital, Cole was captivated by the movie “Toy Story 2,” which he watched over and over again. Mike said, "Doctors told us this was a way for Cole to cope with his illness.” The boy’s favorite movie became the inspiration for his wish. Just like in the animated film, Cole wanted to experience “Cowboy Camp”; he wanted to ride on a horse named “Bull’s-eye” and to roast marshmallows.

Thanks to the incredible efforts of our friends at Dance Unlimited, a group of dancers, ranging from ages 10 to 15, Cole’s wish came true. The girls adopted Cole's wish with the $10,000 they raised through a performance they hosted at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center.

The day Cole’s wish came true, the boy and his family were transported in a limo from Simi Valley to the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch in Goleta. Friends at the ranch made sure Bull’s-eye welcomed Cole when he arrived. The horse played the part, complete with a circle around its eye. The family spent four nights and five days in a very western private cabin at Circle Bar B. The ranch also provided unlimited free rides for Cole and his seven-year-old brother Kyle. Cole was able to roast marshmallows and even tried to learn to lasso.

Ginia added,“We had a fabulous time, this was a wonderful wish. All Cole wants now is to go back!

  • Cole gets the full cowboy experience, learning how to work a lasso.Photo credit: Jeff Shewmon

  • Even the best of cowboys rely on their pardners. Photo credit: Jeff Shewmon

  • Giddyup! Cole settles in to the saddle, ready for a ride.Photo credit: Jeff Shewmon

We had a fabulous time, this was a wonderful wish. All Cole wants now is to go back. ”

— Ginia, Cole's mom

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  • When 5-year-old Cristian was diagnosed with cancer, his life and that of his family members drastically changed. But throughout his chemotherapy treatments, Cristian stayed positive, helping his family maintain strength and hope. Cristian wished to go Disneyland and meet Spiderman so he could learn exactly how to spin webs like him! Now that his wish has been granted, he tells his mom, “I am fine; there is nothing wrong with me. If my wish came true, then I am good.” His positive outlook provides his family with courage and strength. He is their hero! Supporters like Bristol-Myers Squibb are our heroes. Thank you Bristol-Myers Squibb for helping make wishes like Cristian’s come true!

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