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Becca's Guitar Allows Her to Move Forward With Her Dreams

“ This is an opportunity for Becca to move forward. ”

- Mary Ann, Becca's mom

17-year-old Becca surprised the crowd with her talent when she opened for Mariah Carey at the Arlington Theatre last year.

Becca wished to have a guitar.It is even more astounding to learn that, just six weeks before this memorable event, the teen had undergone surgery to have the lower part of her leg amputated as an attempt to spare her life from the grip of cancer.

Becca’s life had changed dramatically overnight, but her plans would remain untouched. When our volunteers met with Becca, she evaluated several possibilities, finally deciding on an acoustic guitar. “She knew she needed a guitar to move forward with her dreams,” Mary Ann, Becca’s mom, said.

Knowing Becca’s one special wish, we contacted several friends in the Tri-Counties to ask for their help in making it a reality. Guitar Center in Oxnard stepped forward and offered to host Becca for a day at their store. This special visit would also allow us to find the perfect guitar for her. In the meantime, we were preparing to give Becca the surprise of her life.

Shortly after Becca´s visit to Guitar Center, the teen and her family were picked-up in a limo at her home and transported to the recording studio Mastertracks in Santa Barbara. Becca said, “We were all in the car with my dad and we saw the limo pull up. I wondered who the limo was for. I saw my dad crying and he told me it was for me.” Once at the studio, Becca was surprised by relatives and friends who joined the Foundation in presenting her with a Taylor guitar, an amplifier and several other accessories, including a case, a mic, a tuner, a tripod, straps, picks and strings. Additionally, the young singer received 12 hours of recording time at Mastertracks. A happily overwhelmed Becca managed to say, “It is just amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.”

The recording facility hosted the wish presentation and donated extra hours of studio time so that this young singer could complete her first demo. The demo features “Take My Hand” a song written by Becca about her wish experience. Becca’s friends and family added another surprise to the seemingly endless string- they came together so that her recording, originally thought out to be of Becca alone with her guitar, would also incorporate professional arrangements and other musicians.

Mary Ann added, “How do you put this into words…? This wish is a reminder to us as a family, that we are not alone." It reminds us that there are many caring people in this world willing to help even if they don’t know who they are helping. The impact of all this kindness, at a personal level is overwhelming. This is an opportunity for Becca to move forward, reignite her dream and help her pursue her destiny.”

Photos courtesy of Jeff Shewmon, video courtesy of Tracy Birdsell

How do you put this into words? This wish is a reminder to us as a family, that we are not alone. ”

— Mary Ann, Becca's mom

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