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Mingli Shares Her Love of Music with Mariah Carey

Mingli meets Mariah Carey.

“ This was perfect! ”

- Mingli, 18

Mariah greeted Mingli with her beautiful smile and presence.

When they first met Mingli showed Mariah a blinged out butterfly keychain, and told her, "I got you a gift." The look on Mariah's face was priceless. She stared at the keychain and then at Mingli. Mariah exchanged the love and gave Mingli a BEAUTIFUL butterfly bracelet and charm. Mingli stared at it. She has been looking for a bracelet to fit her small wrist for some time. This was perfect!

Mingli and Mariah had a chance to talk about many topics, and as Mingli's final question, she asked Mariah if she played any instruments. Mariah said that she can play piano and guitar but never learned to read music. Mariah's mom is an opera singer and knows how to read but Mariah learned by ear. Mingli shared her recording the song, 'Chun Dao Xiang Jiang' on the Gu Zheng, a Chinese string instrument that she played. It reminded Mariah of a song that she loved as a child and said that it brought back some good memories. Mariah asked that the recording be sent to her which we did.

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Mingli's Music

Mingli meets Mariah Carey.

Mingli shared a recording of her music with Mariah. You can listen to it too!

Download Mingli's Music (MP3 | 3MB)

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