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Penelope slept until 8:00am in her new room and she woke up really happy. ”

— Wish Aunt

Penelope's Princess Bedroom

Latest Status Update

  • Juliana’s wish to meet the “Why Don’t We” Band in Houston, TX happened to fall on her birthday and was a fairytale dream come true! She was so excited that her eyes were filled with tears during her wish reveal. Not only did they bring her on stage during the show, but she also got to hang out with the band backstage. “My favorite part of my wish was when they did a birthday and Make-A-Wish shout out on stage!” shared Juliana. Thank you Southwest Airlines and Avis Car Rental for helping Juliana's heartfelt Wish come true. #magicalwishes #travelwishes Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties Whydontwe

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