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Kyer's Wish to Build Airplanes

Imagine taking control of a Cessna when you're just 10 years old! Kyer did just that!

kyer 300Meet Kyer. He’s an amazing kid! His dream is to build and to fly airplanes and, together with you, we’re helping Kyer fulfill his dreams. 

There truly is power in a Wish! There are so many people who come together to help make Wishes like Kyer’s come true. With Kyer, we created the perfect Wish just for him. He was able to spend the day flying an airplane! Imagine taking control of a Cessna when you’re just 10 years old! And now he has a 3-D printer to help him design and create models of the airplanes he engineers. With the mentoring of a local professor, he has already created a handful of 3-D models! You can see in his face the joy this wish continues to bring him. 

Kyer has Crohn’s disease. It’s rough on both him and his family. To have one special day, an amazing day, gave Kyer and his family something to look forward to - to dream about - during his long days of treatment. This wish created a life time memory for Kyer and his mom, dad, and little brother. 

Kyer’s one of the Wish kids we helped this past year. Each has a medical condition that’s life threatening. But for a few hours, a day or even a week, Wish kids and their families get to experience joy and fulfillment. It’s what each one of us would want if this was our situation.

My child's wish turned out to be awesome. I wouldn't change a thing! ”

— Karen, Wih Mom

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